One Hundred Years Ago Today

As we work towards a celebration of suffrage victory in 1917 in New York State, and 1920 for the nation, I thought it might be interesting to see, from time to time, what was happening one hundred years ago on today’s date.

July 12, 1914 the Brooklyn Daily Eagle ran an article on their “Woman of Today” page describing exactly why many women in favor of suffrage championed federal action, as apposed to the state-by-state method.

Since it is a bit difficult to read, you can access the article at this link:

As you might know, Long Island’s Edna Buckman Kearns was an editor at the Eagle, and used her pen to further the rights for women that we all now enjoy. You can read more about Edna in Chapter 7 of my book, and also at her granddaughter Marguerite Kearn’s wonderful Suffrage Wagon News Channel at

Watch for more “What happened Today” postings!



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