SUFFS Delivers!

“Shaina Taub’s new Broadway show about Alice Paul and the fight to win women the vote is smart, noble and feels like a rally.” 

So said Jesse Green of The New York Times, and I couldn’t agree more. Suffs on Broadway is vastly improved over the production in the Public Theater a few years ago, with exciting new songs and new cast members. It captures your spirit from the first note of the orchestra, to the last rousing scene.  Suffs is the brainchild of Shaina Taub, who wrote the book, music and lyrics, an incredible accomplishment. 

Taub surrounds herself with a stellar cast of all women, (even the men’s roles and the orchestra musicians positions are filled by women) and manages to tell the story with great accuracy, all the while accompanied by a remarkably beautiful musical score. Suffs has been nominated for six Tony awards.

Suffs tells the story that everyone should hear and tells it well. Don’t miss it!

Music Box Theater, 239 W 45th Street

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