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October 17th, 2019 by burton33

We Love A Parade!

What a wonderful time we had marching in the Columbus Day parade in Huntington NY last Sunday! A crisp fall day, flags waving, bands playing, and thousands gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of one of our most important historical figures, Christopher Columbus.

The theme of the parade was the “Year of the Woman,” and to emphasize that The Long Island Woman Suffrage Association was joined by its partner, the Ronkonkoma Equal Suffrage Association, led by Ellyn Okvist in her cheerful, flower-strewn truck. The one-mile parade route didn’t seem long enough for all of us to fully enjoy the celebration and was over far too soon!

Thanks to all who came and marched, and thanks to Bruce Levy for the great photos!

Keep watching this site for more centennial celebrations.



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  1. Diana Bracco says

    I was so glad to meet and see you there.

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