February 15th – Happy Birthday Susan B. Anthony

While researching my book, Long Island and the Woman Suffrage Movement, I came across the memoirs of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Eighty Years and More, and, much to my surprise I discovered that both she and Susan B. Anthony had vacationed quite often in my home town, about one mile from my home. She tells of delightful vacations when she visited the home of Charles Dana, publisher of the Sun newspaper at his “beautiful island near Glen Cove,”  which is literally in my neighborhood. She wrote:

“Miss Anthony spent a week with us in Glen Cove. She came to stir me up to write papers for every Congress at the Exposition, which I did, and she read them in the different Congresses, adding her own strong words at the close.”

As we celebrate “Miss Anthony’s” 194 birthday, I like to feel her spirit still hovers over Glen Cove, perhaps even inspiring my passionate interest in the suffrage cause.

Happy Birthday, Susan, and if you are nearby, do drop in anytime for tea.


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  1. Barbara Blaisdell October 21, 2014 at 6:45 pm | | Reply

    Love your comments! Please come to visit Rochester, New York & allow me to take you on a tour of the National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House. You will be thrilled & impressed with the wonderful restoration work, & of course the deeply moving history of Miss Anthony’s life & work.
    Thank you for caring about her as much as we do.
    Barbara Blaisdell
    Rochester, NY
    (585) 305-7210

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