Giving Thanks For Those Who Help Us Celebrate Suffrage

One of the best things about the upcoming centennial celebration of woman winning the vote is the new books that are gradually emerging for both adults and children. New to our Women’s History Bookshelf is a delightful new picture book by New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, illustrated by Maira Kalman, Bold and Brave: Ten Heroes who Won Women the Right to Vote.

In her introduction Senator Gillibrand tells us about the women who inspired her to be bold and brave – her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. But who inspired them? Perhaps some of the ten women listed who spoke up for what they believed and made extraordinary contributions to the woman suffrage movement. Some are well-known, such as Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul. Others are less familiar, but equally important: Lucy Burns, Jovita Idar, and Ida B. Wells. Maira Kalman’s bold and colorful illustrations bring the women and the movement to life.

The book ends with short biographies of some important women other than suffragists, and an exhortation to readers to “Stand up, speak out, and fight for what you believe in.” Aimed for the six to nine year old reader, this charming volume will please all ages.

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