The Suffrage Movement on the East End of Long Island

Some of the most devoted suffragists were located on the East End of Long Island, both on the north and south forks, and much of the work of these remarkable women has been documented by Arlene Hinkemeyer of East Hampton.  Arlene has been gathering information and facts about the East End suffragists for some time, and just this past March gave a wonderful presentation on the local activity which was covered by the Sag Harbor Express newspaper. Follow the link to the Sag Harbor Express to read this exciting account of Arlene’s presentation.(

Arlene also reminded us that the Anti-suffrage movement was alive and well in the Hampton area. Between 1910 and 1920 the Sag Harbor Express was filled with letters and articles by proponents of the Anti-suffrage forces who tried valiantly to squelch the Woman Suffrage Movement. Many were encouraged by the liquor lobby, who feared that is women were granted suffrage they would vote to outlaw alcohol. Ironically, the 18th Amendment which made Prohibition the law of the land was passed in 1918 when most women still could not vote.

More information about the East End suffragists can be found in the 13th chapter of my book, “Others Who Dared.”


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