Salute to the Marchers of January 2017!

We applaud all who are marching today, both in person and in spirit. It is so gratifying to see a peaceful demonstration, not against anyone or thing, but for peace, equality, and freedom of speech. They march in the spirit of their suffrage ancestors, literally in their footsteps.

Our good friend Marguerite Kearns of the Suffrage Wagon web site has created a moving video paired with the poem by American poet Florence Kiper Frank, which seems to have been written just for today:

It begins, aptly enough:

This is the song of the women, sung to the marching feet,

Mothers and daughters of mothers out in the crowded street.

Yea, and the mothers of mothers, white with the passing years.

This is the chant of the women, and wise is he who hears.

To view the video log onto:


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