One Hundred Years Ago Today – October 1, 1916

Suffrage Autoists Motor 10, 700 Miles

On October 1, 1916 the New York Times reported the triumphant return to New York City of two suffragists, Mrs. Alice Snitje Burke, and Miss Nell Richardson, along with their black cat Saxon, from a 10,700 mile journey across the United States to campaign for suffrage.

The Times reported that the women were in good spirits, but their little yellow car, dubbed “Golden Flyer” “had a worn look, and was covered with autographs of persons who had been in the travelers’ audience.” It was further reported that a big wooden key from San Jose California with “Votes for Women” inscribed on it hung from the back of the car.

The women and their cat were welcomed at suffrage headquarters at East 34th Street by Chairman of the New York City Suffrage Party, Mary Garrett Hay, other suffragists, and a “big yellow cake.” The trip was considered by all a great success.

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