Happy Birthday, Susan B. Anthony

On February 15, 1820 Susan Brownwell Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts, the second of 7 children. Her family moved to Rochester New York when she was seven years old, and it was there she made her home for the rest of her life.

Both towns have homes that seek to keep the memory of this stalwart pioneer of the woman suffrage movement alive. The Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum in Adams MA (below, left) is “dedicated to preserving the birthplace and raising public awareness of the wide-ranging legacy of the great social reformer…who was a pioneering feminist and suffragist as well as a noteworthy figure in the abolitionist movement.”

The Susan B. Anthony Museum and House in Rochester NY (below right) seeks to: keep her vision alive and relevant by preserving and sharing Anthony’s National Historic Landmark home; collecting artifacts and research materials directly related to her life and work; and making these resources available to the public. For more information about these complementary and comprehensive resources log onto their websites, and don’t forget to wish Susan a Happy Birthday!

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