Suffragist of the Month – February 2015

Lavinia Lloyd Dock, 1858 – 1956

Lavinia Lloyd Dock was born Feb. 26, 1858 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Despite a privileged family upbringing,220px-Lavinia_Lloyd_Dock she chose the rigors of training as a nurse at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, and worked as a visiting nurse among the poor. An early advocate of women’s rights, she was arrested for attempting to vote in New York in 1896 (police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt refused to jail her), and later joined Rosalie Gardner Jones in her 13 day suffrage hike to Albany in December, 1912. She was one of the first group of pickets to White House in 1917, and was jailed three times.

In later years she became an advocate for birth control, and actively campaigned against American involvement in World War I. She died in 1956.

Happy Birthday, Lavinia Lloyd Dock!

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