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Celebrating Suffrage Through Song

The University of Rochester, NY’s woman’s chorus will perform at the Women’s Rights National Park in Seneca Falls, tomorrow, October 22 to express “woman suffrage through song.” Included will be “Suffrage Song,” the rally song sung at the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848. With the historic upcoming election only weeks away the music is particularly […]

Suffragist of the Month, October, 2016

Suffragist of the Month, October, 2016

Abigail Jane Scott Duniway, 1834 – 1915 Abigail Jane Scott was born October 22, 1834 in Groveland, Illinois into a large, poor¬†farm family; as a child she received little schooling. In 1852 her parents moved the family by wagon train to Oregon, a trip that sadly proved fatal for her mother and younger brother. Once […]

One Hundred Years Ago Today – October 1, 1916

Suffrage Autoists Motor 10, 700 Miles On October 1, 1916 the New York Times reported the triumphant return to New York City of two suffragists, Mrs. Alice Snitje Burke, and Miss Nell Richardson, along with their black cat Saxon, from a 10,700 mile journey across the United States to campaign for suffrage. The Times reported […]