Remember the Triangle Fire!


The Long Island Woman Suffrage Association has become a Participating Organization with the Remember The Triangle Fire Coalition, an organization that strives to remember and honor those who died in the horrendous fire on March 25,1911. One hundred forty-six mostly young immigrant women, died when they discovered the doors were locked, and the fire escapes almost non-existent.

At the time of the fire the women’s labor movement and the woman suffrage movement had a tenuous relationship. Many of the women who worked for suffrage also worked with the labor unions, encouraging the young workers to organize and demonstrate for better working conditions, while trying to convince them of the importance of the vote. But it was difficult for the young workers to find time to work for the vote while also laboring 15 hours a day in the sweatshops. But the fire brought home to many the truth that the vote could be an important tool for social and political change and marked a turning point in the relationship of both groups. That is why I feel it is so important to work with this organization today.

The Remember The Triangle Fire Coalition is currently spearheading the building of a public art memorial to honor the legacy of the Triangle factory workers. By joining forces with them we also join with individuals and organizations who strive to keep the history of such important events alive.

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  1. Diana October 25, 2018 at 10:39 pm | | Reply

    My grandmother worked for the triangle factory. She didn’t go to work that day because a female problems. If did i wouldn’t be here.

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