Montana Suffrage Celebrations, continued…

Montana continues its exciting year of celebrations – one hundred years of full suffrage for women. On January 29, 2014 I posted information about the celebrations happening this year in Montana. (Click on Post: “Montana Celebrates Suffrage Centennial”). As their year of celebration continues, let’s note the choices they have made, and begin choosing those we would like […]

What Happened Today - October 13, 1914?

What Happened Today – October 13, 1914?

According to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, October 13, 1914: Suffragists in Session – Parade and Make Addresses in Rochester, NY With Yellow pennants bearing the war cry “Votes for Women,” fluttering from hundreds of automobiles, members of the New York State Woman Suffrage Association from all parts of the State participated in a spectacular parade here […]

Suffragist of The Month - October

Suffragist of The Month – October

Belva Ann Lockwood 1830 – 1917  Today, in October of 2014 with three women sitting on the Supreme Court it seems unbelievable that until 1879 women attorneys (of which there were few) were not even permitted to present cases before the Supreme Court. Women were discouraged from becoming attorneys, since most law schools would not […]

What Happened Today in 1914?

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported today, September 23, 1914 about suffrage activity at the Mineola Fair: The Nassau County Woman’s Suffrage Party has a tent, and beginning today prominent speakers will attempt to make converts to the cause throughout the week. At a distant point the management has placed the antis, and they also will have […]

Suffragist of the Month - September

Suffragist of the Month – September

Jane Addams 1860 – 1935   Laura Jane Addams was born in Cedarville, Illinois on September 6, 1860 youngest of nine children. Her father was a state senator, and a wealthy industrialist, but her childhood was not without challenges. Her mother died when she was two years old, and two years later she suffered from […]

Happy Women's Equality Day!

Happy Women’s Equality Day!

August 26 Thank you, Harry Burn! In 1971, at the urging of Bella Abzug, the US Congress designated August 26th as “Women’s Equality Day,” marking the anniversary of the historic passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, finally granting women the right to vote and ending a determined non-violent campaign […]

Woman and Her Sphere

Thanks to information from my good friend, Marguerite Kerns, I recently discovered a wonderful website, Woman and Her Sphere, which offers a treasure trove of information about the suffrage movement and World War I in England. Created by Elizabeth Crawford, researcher, writer and dealer in books and ephemera, the site features a plethora of information […]

The Suffragist

The Suffragist

Recently I was fortunate to be able to purchase an issue of The Suffragist, dated August 29, 1914. The Suffragist was the “Weekly organ of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage,” published in Washington DC, and sold then for the princely sum of five cents a copy. Leafing through the eight pages of this treasure […]

Suffragist of the Month – August

Lucy Stone August 13, 1818 Lucy Stone represented women active in the early days of the suffrage battle. Born in West Brookfield, MA, in 1818, she first worked for abolition, and later for suffrage. A colleague of both Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, she worked with them at the National Woman Suffrage Association, […]

One Hundred Years Ago Today

NEVADA ANTIS PROTEST: Tell President That Suffragists Are Not Representative of the State One hundred years ago today, on July 27, 1914 The New York Times reported that the Nevada Association of Women Opposed to Equal Suffrage handed to officials at the White House a formal protest against any action by the President that would […]

An Exciting New Site! – Suffrage

I am pleased to announce a new site has been launched expressly to lead to the celebration of the Suffrage Centennials – 2017 in New York State, and 202o for the nation. Log onto to get the latest news on these important celebrations, plus all sorts of interesting posts, videos and audio clips.

The Road to Seneca Falls

The Road to Seneca Falls

166th Anniversary  – July 19, 20, 1848 If the daring women who gathered in Seneca Falls that hot July day in 1848 knew that their battle for equality would take seventy-two long years one wonders if they might not have climbed back into their wagons and given up right there. After all, they were politically […]

What Happened Today in 1914?

What Happened Today in 1914?

As we work towards a celebration of suffrage victory in 1917 in New York State, and 1920 for the nation, I thought it might be interesting to see, from time to time, what was happening one hundred years ago on today’s date. July 12, 1914 the Brooklyn Daily Eagle ran an article on their “Woman of […]

Suffragist of the Month - July

Suffragist of the Month – July

Sarah J. Smith Thompson Garnet, July 31, 1831 African-American Champion of Voting Rights for Women Sarah Garnet was born on Long Island July 31, 1831 to Sylvanus Smith and Ann Eliza Springsteel Smith.  Her parents were of mixed race, Native-American, black and white, and had lived for a time on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation on […]

Women’s History Bookshelf Update

Check out two wonderful new books on the Women’s History Bookshelf page: Margaret Fuller: An American Life, by Megan Marshall, which won the Pulitzer prize for biography. No Votes for Women, by Susan Goodier, telling the fascinating story of the anti-suffrage movement.