Woman Suffrage Celebration at the Suffolk County Historical Society a Huge Success!

The spirit of our woman suffrage leaders on Long Island is alive and well in Suffolk County, witnessed by the wonderful celebratory tea held yesterday at the Suffolk County Historical Society. Presented by the Islip area branch of the AAUW (American Association of University Women), the Historical Society hosted over eighty women who came to enjoy tea sandwiches, sweets and (of course) tea, and learn about the wonderful history of the woman suffrage movement, right in their own backyard.

From wealthy Long Island residents, such as Alva Vanderbilt Belmont and Harriot Stanton Blatch, to working girls, such as labor leader Clara Lemlich, the AAUW Long Island Suffrage Committee brought their accomplishments to life. There was even a wonderfully instructive segment on the anti-suffrage movement, which surprisingly was very active in Suffolk County. We learned that the National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage feared woman suffrage because, among other reasons, that “it is unwise to risk the good we already have for the evil which may occur.” They also asserted: “90% of the women either do not want it, or do not care.” Thank goodness they were unsuccessful!

For further information about the future plans of this wonderful LI Woman Suffrage committee, please contact myown220@aol.com.






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  1. Marguerite Kearns March 14, 2014 at 1:52 pm | | Reply

    So glad to see the large turnout that represents your hard work, Antonia, as well as an interest in this part of American history that is “exploding,” according to Molly MacGregor, executive director of the National Women’s History Project in California.

    Our fabulous Votes for Women history is finally coming out of the shadows. The book, “Long Island and the Woman Suffrage Movement” is a catalyst. Yeah!

    My grandmother Edna Kearns, who did her suffrage work out of her home in Rockville Centre and traveled all over the island, is smiling today. She’s delighted about this increased awareness and how it’s inspiring a new generation of citizens to tackle a wide range of issues. We’re rocking the “Cradle” of the U.S. women’s rights movement with events, historic homes, and celebrations. Check out: http://www.LetsRockTheCradle.com


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