“Senior Moments” Helps Tell Our Story

Nina and Stu Held are good friends who produce a radio program entitled “Senior Moments” for the Glen Cove Senior Center in my home town of Glen Cove, NY. I was a guest on their show yesterday; the interview will be broadcast next Tuesday, December 20, at noon, on WCWP 88.1FM. It will also be streamed at the same time on http://www.wcwp.org.

Nina and Stu have been friends for many years, and do a wonderful public service on their show, interviewing people from diverse walks of life,  all somehow related to issues of interest to seniors. During the interview we covered many aspects of my life, including our long-held family business. But they were very interested in my work with the history of the suffrage movement, as well as my work writing about the wonderful women in New York’s history. And the show is just plain fun.

I hope you will find time to tune in.

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  1. Anne February 9, 2017 at 4:06 pm | | Reply

    Not sure if relevant…but my grandmother, Louise Musgnug (Bridget Louise Lynch) from Franklin Square, had secret meetings at our house when I was a child. All ladies, all hush hush….They called themselves The Companions. I always wondered if this was part of a suffrage movement on LI. I remember when I questioned my Mother and Grandmother I was told “we never talk about this!”… I do remember one of the ladies last names was Hold…..which is why your article sparked my interest. This would have to have been around 1950 however. Any info you might have would be of interest. Thanks.

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