Women’s History Exhibits of Note

Women’s History Month will soon be over, but thankfully attention to women’s history won’t be. There are still some wonderful exhibits and programs that will continue long after March spreads it wings and flies away: New York Historical Society, 170 Central Park West, NY, NY, 212-873-3400. http://nyhistory.org. The Center for Women’s History marks its first anniversary with […]

Central Park Suffrage Statue Finalists Announced

The monument to suffrage leaders Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony to be erected in Central Park came closer to reality this week, as the four finalists for the design were named: Meredith Bergmann, Jane DeDecker, Victoria Guerina with Lloyd Lillie, and Ann Hirsch. Slated for a 2020 unveiling on the centennial of the […]

Suffragist of the Month, March, 2018

Suffragist of the Month, March, 2018

Rosa Marie Finocchietti Levis, 1878 – 1959 Rosa Marie Finocchietti Levis was born March 17, 1878 on Hull Street in the North End of Boston. Her parents had emigrated from Genoa, Italy and would eventually have a family of nine children. Hull Street in the North end of Boston is now recognized as an historic […]

It's Women's History Month!

It’s Women’s History Month!

Welcome to Women’s History Month, an annual national celebration of the extraordinary achievements and contributions of American women. The celebration began as Women’s History Week in 1982, and soon grew to include the entire month of March. It is supported by Presidential proclamation every year. This year’s theme is “Nevertheless, she persisted.” There is a […]

Suffragist of the Month - February, 2018

Suffragist of the Month – February, 2018

Anna Howard Shaw, 1847 – 1919 Anna Howard Shaw was born in Northumberland England, February 14, 1847 and brought to the United States as a young child. The family settled on a remote farm in Michigan and depended on Anna to help with the farm work, thus restricting her time to attend school. She eventually […]

Suffragist of The Month - January, 2018

Suffragist of The Month – January, 2018

Ernestine Rose, 1810 – 1892 While the Seneca Falls convention of 1848 is often cited as the formal beginning of the woman suffrage movement, there were many women who devoted their lives to working for equal rights for women long before then. And while these courageous women never lived to see the dream realized, they […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

As our suffrage centennial year comes to an end I wish to thank all those who helped make it such a success. Through scores of meetings, marches, lectures, published magazine and newspaper articles and historical marker dedications we joined with friends and fellow suffragists to impart one very special message – that of gratitude to […]

Suffragist of the Month, December, 2017

Suffragist of the Month, December, 2017

Harriet Taylor Upton, 1854 – 1945 Harriet Taylor Upton was born December 17, 1854 in Ravenna, Ohio; her family moved to Warren, Ohio when she was seven years old. In 1880, when her widowed father was appointed to Congress, Harriet moved to Washington DC to act as his hostess. Such close proximity to the seat […]

More Honors for Rosalie Gardiner Jones!

Our own Long Island suffragist, Rosalie Gardiner Jones, is garnering another honor. A few weeks ago, as the result of a state-wide contest, she was featured on a sticker that was given out to voters on election day.(See left) And, on Thursday, November 16, Governor Cuomo announced there will be a statue of her erected in Cold Spring […]

Suffragist of the Month - November, 2017

Suffragist of the Month – November, 2017

Irene Corwin Davison 1871 – 1948 Born in 1871 in East Rockaway Irene Corwin Davison was the youngest of three sisters whose family had settled there in the early 19th century. She attended the Packer Institute in Brooklyn, graduated from Pratt Institute and taught art in the Jericho schools. Later she became one of the […]

Pratt Marker Dedication a Huge Success!

Pratt Marker Dedication a Huge Success!

Yesterday, November 6, 2017 marked the centennial celebration of New York women winning the vote, and the Long Island Woman Suffrage Association celebrated with the City of Glen Cove by dedicating a historical marker to two Glen Cove suffragists, Helen Deming Pratt and Florence Gibb Pratt. Despite the rain, over 100 friends and family came […]

Thanks, Newsday!

Thanks, Newsday!

    Wednesday, November 1, Newsday published a wonderful article about our dedication ceremony coming up on Monday, November 6, honoring two Glen Cove suffragists, sisters-in-law Helen Sherman Pratt and Florence Gibb Pratt. Thank you to Newsday and author David Olsen for a great article. Please join us at 3pm, 135 Dosoris Lane, near the […]

Suffragists parade down Fifth Avenue, 1917.
Advocates march in October 1917, displaying placards containing the signatures of more than one million New York women demanding the vote.

The New York Times Photo Archives

One Hundred Years Ago Today, October 28, 1917

One hundred years ago today, October 28, 1917, the New York Times reported that 20,000 people marched in a parade in New York City in support of woman suffrage, including 500 men. With the date of the vote on an amendment to the NY State Constitution giving women the vote (November 6, 1917) coming closer, […]

The League of Women Voters Plants A Tree for Suffrage!

The League of Women Voters of Port Washington-Manhasset commemorated the centennial of woman suffrage in New York State on Sunday, October 1, 2017, with the planting of a Kwanzan Cherry Tree in Blumenfeld Park in Port Washington. LWV member Francine Furtado spearheaded the project, and commented: “This tree planting symbolizes the coming together of two great […]

Image of Long Island Suffragist Wins State Contest

Image of Long Island Suffragist Wins State Contest

The Long Island Woman Suffrage Association is proud to announce that the winning design in the New York State Suffrage Centennial “I Voted” sticker contest is the image of none other than Long Island’s Rosalie Gardiner Jones. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the winner yesterday. The anniversary stickers will be distributed throughout the State at […]