Posters from Harvard’s Radcliff Institute Schlesinger Library Capture the Spirit of the Movement

boye_0Leaders of the woman suffrage movement were well aware of the importance of the visual when promoting their cause, and to this end relied on colorful pamphlets, pennants, and, especially posters to catch the public’s attention and hopefully, support. Many of these items have disappeared from the public view, either because they were destroyed by those against the movement, or just not appreciated for their historic significance.

That is why it is so heartening to discover a treasure trove of posters that have been digitized by Harvard’s Radcliff Institute Schlesinger Library, and are presently available for viewing on their web site. The posters are part of the Alice Park collection, and offer a fascinating glimpse of the movement’s efforts to counteract negative publicity and propaganda.

Alice Park was an ardent suffragist leader from California who travelled throughout the state in an exotic car called the Blue Liner. The car attracted the attention of both women and men, and once they came to view the car Alice would deliver her suffrage message. She collected the posters from both the American and British movements.

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