One Hundred Years Ago Today – March 8, 1916

 Suffrage Dancers Overflow Garden

According to an article in the New York Times, March 9, 1916:

More than 2000 persons danced for woman suffrage last night at the suffrage ball at Madison Square Garden, and 10,000 others applauded from boxes and tiers of seats that stretched nearly to the roof. It was estimated by committee women that the party gained more than $15,000 through the night’s festival. It was a democratic crowd that swarmed into the big Garden to march and dance in the cause of suffrage. Women in resplendent evening dress mingled with others in shirtwaists and traveling gowns. Men in evening clothes walked shoulder to shoulder with the less formally clad, and each seemed to accept the other and to be glad he was there. Further along were girls selling yellow paper hats and ruffs at 15 cents for the outfit.

Among the list of those who attended was Helen Deming Sherman Pratt from Glen Cove, Harriet Burton Laidlaw and her husband James Lees Laidlaw from Sands Point, and Katrina Ely Tiffany from Laurel Hollow – Long Island suffragists all – all dancing to the music of John Philip Souza. Imagine what fun this must have been for all the hard-working suffragists!

Unfortunately, a plan for all suffragists to dress in yellow paper dresses was squelched by the fire marshal.

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